Ability Anyware Digital Quarterly (AADQ)

Ability Anyware Digital Quarterly (AADQ) is a disability advocacy publication founded in 2015 by Lexington School for the Deaf/4201 Schools alumnae. Our mission is to curate content that facilitates the accessibility, digital literacy, creativity, and dignified recognition of individuals with disabilities.

Icon of front page of newspaper (headlines, pictures, articles)
Icon of front page of newspaper (headlines, pictures, articles)

We consider disability diversity (hearing, visual, cognitive, ambulatory, self-care, independent living) when gathering information to support the interest of our followers.

Here is a link to our most recent issue:

Ability Anyware Digital Quarterly (AADQ) Spring 2021

We offer premium full-page advertisements in accessible format for disability friendly businesses. This includes advertisements that are accessible for our blind readers/compatible with screen readers (including JAWS).

Deadline to place advertisement in AADQ Summer 2021 is April 9, 2021. Please contact us at info@abilityanyware.com for more details and to request a media kit.

We also offer our 8-Bit Subscription option. This includes a year’s worth of AADQ delivered directly to your email inbox!

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