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Disability Friendly Advertising 

You can advertise in our magazine, Ability Anyware Digital Quarterly (AADQ), on our website, or on Ability Anyware Radio!  Please note that advertisements on our website are available for purchase on a quarterly basis or for a full-year and are the same cost as a full-page advertisement. 

  Please also be advised that space on our website is limited.  

Contact us for further information and radio advertising at [email protected]  If you are blind and have a visual disability, we can email you a media kit in Microsoft Word with Read Aloud, Alt Text features (JAWS compatible) with details on advertising rates for our magazine and/or radio station upon request.  

Blind visitors, there is an image of a  square-shaped, red and white "FOR SALE" sign to the right of this text in big block letters (all capital letters).  It says "SOLD" in white text with a red background at the top, in the smaller portion of sign and "FOR SALE" in red text on white background at the bottom, in the larger portion of sign.